The Able Brewing Disk – Eco-Friendly Aeropress Stainless Steel Fine Filter

Using the Able Disk, a few things stand out immediately. Regular paper filters absorb your coffee’s natural oils, eliminating some of the flavours and aromas that they contribute. The Able Brewing stainless-steel filter allows the Coffees natural oils to slide right through, so the extraction produces a stronger, sharp-edged intense flavour that’s smooth with a clean mouthfeel.

It’s a great environmentally-friendly way of brewing your Aeropress coffee. Durable without the need to use a paper filter, it should serve you well for many years.

We’ve found that the Able Disk fits well on the top cap when screwed on tight without any side to side movement. 

When plunging you need to use more force to get that Jet Black Coffee into your mug, but absolutely worth it!!!

**TOP TIP - place the Able Disk Filter with wording face-down on top of the holes of the Aeropress’s top cap.

**Not using a paper filter allows for more Cafestrol in coffee to be consumed. Cafestrol is known to elevate cholesterol levels so please take that into consideration with this product if that’s a concern for you.

Which Able Brewing Disk for the Aeropress Coffee Maker should I get – Standard of Fine???

STANDARD: This Able Disk produces a fuller body cup of coffee with a few more Coffee fines as the holes are bigger. Its a lot thicker than the Able Brewer Fine Disk so it should stand the test of time and heavy use (especially in our house) a little more as its harder to bend or damage. 

FINE: This Able Aeropress Filter Disk has much finer holes so fewer Coffee fines get in the cup and it produces a very sweet clean cup of coffee - you can produce a coffee that comes much closer to paper filter brew, without the papery taste. It is approximately a third of the thickness of the Able Standard Disk and should be handled a little more delicately as it’s not as robust. 

During our testing, we compared the Standard Vs the Fine Vs Paper, and the fine and paper tasted similar, whereas the standard produced more of a richer taste but had some Coffee fines in it.

An Able Brewing Aeropress Filter Disk Video


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Able Brewing Disk Aeropress Filter Features

  • The metallic disk allows more oils through and brews a fuller bodied cup. If you like a stronger coffee, then the Able Brewing Disks are a definite must-have.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly as it’s specially designed to replace the paper filters in the Aeropress, so eliminates paper waste
  • The disk can be used for years if cleaned up properly.
  • Easy to clean
  • Has none of the taste associated with paper filters 
  • The very fine holes reduce sediment and let the natural oils through to create a smooth, clean cup
  • Travel Ready so leave the paper filters at home for a leaner brewing experience while on the road.
  • 100% Made in the USA by the Able Brewing company.

The Able Brewing Disk box includes:

  • 1 Fine Disk

Able Brewing Disk Design

The Standard sized Able Brewing Disk is quite a solid piece of Stainless Steel so should last a lifetime unless your dog gets a hold of it!

The Fine sized Able Brewing Disk for the Aeropress is not as robust as the standard. We haven’t broken one yet however and the extra smoothness of the brew plus lesser fines in the cup, we’re sticking with the Fine sized one for now.

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