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Click the below link for all of our cleaners including descaling, grinder cleaners, backflushing powders and more. We offer a national espresso machine maintenance service so if your having machine worries, give us a call to find out more!
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Cafetto Coffee Grinder Cleaner

Cafetto Coffee Grinder Cleaner

430G Bottle

Cafetto Coffee Grinder Cleaner effectively removes coffee oils, deposits and flavoured coffee odours from grinder burrs and casings. Made in Australia this Coffee Grinder cleaner comes in a 430G bottle an


Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner

Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner

Daily backflush powder - 100g, 500g and 1KG options

Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner is tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine.

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