Pullman System Coffee Tampers

The Pullman Coffee System

Without identifying and controlling variables, we would not be able to progress as coffee makers. This is where the Pullman System comes in, as we identified the need to take control and of the many inconsistencies within and between products. 

There are many variables to consider along the coffee's journey from farm to cup. It is our responsibility to ensure the tools used during preparation are not contributing factors. As we know, the most menial inconsistencies can be the difference between a good and great espresso.   

The Pullman System effectively covers; Tamping, Distribution, Filtration

Covering many of the variables between the grinder and the machine

Since 2002, we have been making espresso tools to control these variables over a wide-variety of equipment, other tools and baristas. However, as the industry progresses and we learn more about coffee, the importance of accuracy and hence the need for consistency becomes even higher. The only way to ensure complete control between the grinder and the machine, was to make an entire system, with the guarantee each tool is matched together.

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