Regal Brazilian

Flavour Notes Dehydrated strawberries, Chamomile, Toffee, Boozy fruits, Pink marshmallows

This single origin coffee roast from Brazil is for sale and packaged weekly, ready to send directly to your doorstep! Sourcing our speciality Coffee so the discerning Coffee lover can have a guarantee of the best tasting roasted coffee available on the market today! 

Farm: Fazenda California

Producer/Owner: Luiz Roberto Saldanha Rodrigues

Origin: Brazil

Town / City: Jacarezinho

Region: Norte Pioneiro do Paraná

Processing: Pulped Natural

Altitude: 800+ metres above sea level

Harvest: August - November

Luiz Rodrigues wants to make the region of Paraná renowned worldwide for its unique, high-quality green Coffee beans. As the owner of Fazenda California, Luiz represents the “pioneer” of specialty Coffee in the area, fitting for the name Norte Pioneiro do Paraná (Pioneer of Northern Paraná).

With this in mind we have sourced some of the most exceptional green Coffee beans in Mexico from Luiz, and no mean feat as even Frank Sinatra sang "They grow an awful lot of Coffee in Brazil".. =)

We take these exceptional unroasted beans and roast them into our Regal Coffee Single Origin Roast.